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Two years around the world

Academic Program

The best master’s degree available

The Joint Master Degree in Innovative Leather Technology is the best tertiary level leather education master’s degree available to the leather industry worldwide, through highly qualified personnel capable to taking up any challenge in terms of sustainable leather production, contributing to the attractiveness of the EHEA, by increasing staff and students’ mobility and facilitating them their future employability.

The market niches in each country (Spain, France, Turkey and Mexico) differs substantially within the leather market. Spain and France are producing leather for leather goods and footwear market, and Turkey is producing leather for clothes and fur leather. On the other hand, Mexico is producing upholstery leather for automotive and footwear. This differences in each leather cluster will allow the students to learn about differences in tanning technologies, process, finishing and machinery involved according to the leather end-use.

The student must take 120 ECTS, distributed in five-month periods of 30 ECTS each, which are described below:
1st term
UdL (from September to January of the first year) 30 ECTS
2nd term
EGE (from February to June of the first year) 30 ECTS
Summer School
Summer School in CIATEC on July (6 ECTS). Internship
3rd term
ITECH (from September to January of the second year) 30 ECTS
4th term
Elective place & subjects and master thesis (from February to June of the second year) 30 ECTS


Academic Program

1rst Semester (Set 23-Jan 24)

Subject ECTS University
Polymers 6 UdL
Protein Chemistry 6 UdL
Environmental Management 6 UdL
Introduction to Technology of Leather Finishing 6 UdL
Advanced Tanning Processes Design 6 UdL
Total 30 UdL


2nd Semester (Feb 24-June 24)

Subject ECTS University
Advanced Wet-end Processes Design 6 EGE
Hides and Skins 3 EGE
Chemical and Physical Characterisation of Leather 6 EGE
Double-face Production Technology 6 EGE
Leather Production Techniques 6 EGE
Product Safety and Compliance 3 EGE
Total 30 EGE


Summer School (July 24)

Subject ECTS University
Practicals of leather processes and training in Company 6 CIATEC
Total 6 CIATEC


3rd Semester (Set 24-Jan 25)

Subject ECTS University
Colorimetry and Advanced Finishing 9 ITECH
Leather Goods Technology, Fashion and Design 6 ITECH
Engineer Skills in Company 9 ITECH
Environment 6 ITECH
Total 30 ITECH


4th Semester (Feb 25-June 25)

* Students can get access to each of the universities’ elective subjects offer according to the Students Agreement, getting access to: i) UdL; ii) ITECH, iii) EGE or iv) CIATEC

Subjects ECTS University
Elective subjects (described below)  12 UdL, ITECG, EGE, CIATEC
Dissertation Project 12 UdL, ITECG, EGE, CIATEC
Total 12


Elective subjects:

Subjects ECTS University
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) 6 UdL
Experimental Design and Research Methodology 6 UdL
Total 12 UdL
Subjects ECTS University
Industrial Property 3 ITECH
Production Management 3 ITECH
Functional Analysis 3 ITECH
Business Model Simulation 3 ITECH
Total 12


Subjects ECTS University
Innovative Techniques in Leather Manufacturing 3 EGE
Instrumental Analysis  3 EGE
Utilisation of Collagenous Materials 3 EGE
Biobased Technologies for Leather Production 3 EGE
Total 12


Subjects ECTS University
Automotive Leather Manufacturing 3 CIATEC
Waste Management 3 CIATEC
Practicals in Company 6 CIATEC
Total 12
Participate in a Joint Master’s Degree in 4 countries that responds to the needs of highly qualified professionals in our global leather industry.
Participate in a Joint Master’s Degree in 4 countries that responds to the needs of highly qualified professionals in our global leather industry.